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If you don't want to breed at all, why have you got a cockerel?


A cockerel would make an excellent sunday dinner!


Is it because you think it looks pretty or is it just incase your battery fails on your alarm clock? lol


I just thought it was worth a mention in case you thought you needed a cockerel to produce eggs (which many people commonly mistake) you can of course produce eggs quite happily with no cockerel present.

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Yep, I did think that as well but I thought they might have got them just to produce eggs and was just giving a bit of friendly advice in case they didn't know. :lol:


You'd be suprised at the amount of people I talk to that think you need to have a cockerel to produce eggs.... :roll:

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I had the same thing, the majority of my friends asked if we would get eggs without having a cockeral!!! I guess I came on this site before telling everyone and read the omlet guide which says you don't need them and didn't give it a 2nd thought since but I forget they don't pass the time at work on a long day reading about chickens!!

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