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Great shopping bargains!

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I have the week off work and this usually involves me visiting a few of the local high street shopping areas in South Birmingham to stock up on all the bits and bobs you don't need every week. I always pop in to all the little independant shops too for a good rummage around.


But today I was surprised as I visited a few national chains and have picked up some lovely bargains, I thought I'd better share them with you all!


Three tier cooling rack, Wilkinsons. Just £1.49 in the sale bin. Couldn't believe this, I have been looking for cooling racks for a while and usually use the wire rack from the grill pan :) It was marked up at £3.99 with a half price sticker, and went through the till at £2.99 and £1.50 was taken off. It is boxed, if you go looking for it. All the racks can be used separately too.


Fab knee length stripy socks from Poundland (so they were a pound!). These are quite thin, not bulky, and now the wintry weather is here I like to wear these under my jeans instead of normal length socks, and it is amazing what a difference a long pair of socks make to how warm you feel. I bought two pairs as I couldn't decide which colour to have :roll:


Great padded jacket, £12 from QS. I almost never go in this shop, but today they have some lovely long sleeve stripe tops for a fiver too. The padded jacket is as light as a feather and has a fleece lined fur edged hood, plenty of pockets and is a great length at about 30 inches, it also goes in a bit at the waist which is flattering. I bought mine because this weather is not quite cold enough for my long parka, and this one is a good length for the car as you don't quite sit on it. I bought a cream colour, but they have black, brown and green, all great colours! Washable too!


Lovely fashionable cuban heeled black shoes £10 from Priceless. Great 2.25 inch heel, with a strap across the foot, they had these in green too! The Priceless I went into used to be Bacons, and now all seem to be owned by Barratts, according to the till receipt.


I also bought a lovely long red cardi with two huge buttons on and a big collar, from Peacocks, for £12. However, my size appeared to be more a size 8 than a 10/12, so I tried on the 18/20 which was a good fit :shock::shock: So I bought it! Bearing in mind that the padded jacket from QS is supposedly a 10, the sizes are crazy, I tend to buy what fits regardless of size.


Phew, sorry about the long post, get shopping girls!

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I went to Primark, & they had these super, funky little bright coloured mini skirts which my daughters seem to live in, for 50p each :shock:


I got several, as well as the most gorgeous cuddly pyjamas for Devon for £5, & some Ugg stlye boots for £6.


As Clare would say, it would have been rude not to 8):lol:

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I'll be going poundland tomorrow for some of those 8) socks!

I sometimes wear those toe socks in winter too when my feet are really really cold!

The coat sounds very good & I need a not too thick coat for taking to France with me. Hmmm I think our nearest QS is Market Drayton?

Peacocks - love it!

Primark, I bought 2 baker boy hats from there the other week - bargains!

I'll have a look in Priceless too, shoes sound lovely...are they comfy?

I need a new wardrobe as nearly all my clothes are too big. I put a pair of cargo pants on yesterday and managed to shake them down past my hips & to my knees!!!! :lol: Don't want to splash out a fortune as my size is still going down - so I'll need another new wardrobe come Christmas!

Thanks for sharing your bargains!



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ooo no not had knitting magazine for a while. I'm waiting for that new knitting magazine that's out in October. I absolutely love knitting, got so many projects on the go, but they do get finished! I just don't like knitting the same repetitive colour all the time, so have 3 or 4 projects on the go. :roll:

Have you ever done any felting of knitted objects? I really fancy that.


Hubby informs me tonight, that extra long chunky cable knit scarves are in for winter! I have my own personal fashion advisor - oh & he would definitely approve of the stripey socks! :lol:



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i made a bag (in fact i've made 2) bags and felted them.


its really easy, just make sure that you use proper wool stuff and not acrylic - cos it will grow to about 3 times the size :lol:


whats the new magazine called?


ooooo, just thought, if you want a pattern for a cable scarf, try an irish hiking scarf - free knitting pattern, its got 3 cables running up it. - im making one in cerise pink (well i had too didnt i????? :lol: )


give me a minute and ill see if I can find the pattern.

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Those socks are fab! I know crocs and socks don't mix but I'm thinking they might look quite funky under my crocs! :wink:


Mind you, they look cool on your long skinny legs - not sure what they'd do for my short, dumpy ones! 8)


Long skinny legs :shock::lol: Thanks Snowy, you made my day!




You're welcome Hon 8)

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Claire, thanks for your inspirational posting about bargains.


I have just been into town and bought Jules a dress from New Look for £3 and a top that I had coverted for ages reduced from £25 to £5


I also went into Poundland and got a load of craft stuff for her that I will put up for Christmas


Lucky old Harry had a lovely roll of sticky backed plastic for his school books :roll: He had been nagging me to get some for ages

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I think the craft stuff in Poundland is lovely Debs, I bet Jules will be thrilled at Christmas :D


Great bargains from New Look too!


Well done!


If anyone has a Home Bargains shop near them, they sell these great little stocking filler boxes of chocolates from Bendicks, five chocs in a little box for 29p. Usually the use by dates are nearly up, but these have a use by date of May 2008, so perfect for Christmas and next Easter :D

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