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A Cockerel That Does NOT Crow!

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Now I know this sounds stupid and as far as I am aware there is no such thing!


And I personally love the sound of crowing in the country and have a cockerel myself but wouldn't it be great for the urban dwellers if there was a breed of chicken that was bred specifically to lose it's crow?


In this day and age with all the advanced technology, historic records and breeding programs that have gone on you would have thought someone would have created a crowless cockerel...

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Well you are kinda half right there! You can get a cockerals voicebox taken out so that it can't crow. This way you can enjoy the beaty of a cockeral in your back garden!


Its a bit like docking a dogs tail.....of no benefit whatsoever to the creature....just its owner.


I would not want the services of a vet who would be prepared to so such an operation.

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I have a little white bantam that i was told was a girl but i think he must be a boy because of his feathers and i think he has spurs that have been cut off, im not sure but my big sister who read up on it swears its a boy and ive never heard him crow. maybe hes young or just not a cockerel ?


i wish there was an easier way to tell


this is him, i call him lucius.





Any suggestions, if it is a boy ive got a non-crowing cockerel.

He even stood up to mrs. weasly, my bossy rhode island.

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