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Short ‘illness’ prior to egg laying

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After I’d cleaned the girls out yesterday late afternoon, I noticed that Pop, one of my Dutch bantams, was looking very poorly. Her wings and tail were down so much her wings were brushing the ground and she was just standing with her eyes closing. She didn’t really protest too much when I picked her up either. Always a bad sign. I gave her a quick once over - her crop was a bit sloshy (I saw her drinking lots) but not too bad - her abdomen felt normal and I couldn’t feel an egg. So I put her in a cat box in the utility room with some water and a small dish of pellets and sunflower hearts. She still looked very sad this morning but had maybe eaten a few seeds, so I took the food away but left her with water.

When I came home at lunchtime though she was complaining and seemed much brighter, so I put the food back in and she tucked in. OH was working at home and put her back out with the others at around 3pm and said she looked and was acting totally normally. She’s since laid an egg and does seem completely herself!!

I think it was all to do with the egg laying and one of my first pekins seemed to have something similar quite regularly.

Has anyone else seen this or know what could be going on?

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