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Time to say goodbye

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Thanks, it was useful. . We havent managed to do it today 😕 

Chicken been poorly on and off for weeks. Had posted a week or two ago about her in Chicken Clinic and concluded maybe just a heavy molt.  No obvious mites, been wormed, tonic and a stronger dose for her but now she just keeps falling over, is lopsided. I found her this morning, before my post, buried in the dust bath on her back, not even trying to move. I had been out there about 30 mins before and she was on her feet but stumbling around. Fed her some porridge and she has just drunk water all day. Not venturing too far away from the water but if she does just stumbling over. Nothing obvious going on with her feet. Her comb is so pale and one of her eyes seems to have a red sore on the bottom lid. She hasn't laid for a while. She is just 1 yr old. All the others appear healthy. 

It seems the kindest thing to do as she really seems to be going downhill. 

Husband has offered to 'do the deed'. So may do tomorrow when I am at work. 

She is our fave but the other hens seem to just be now shoving her out the way and wouldnt let her into the coop this evening so we had to lift her in. (She couldnt get in herself anyway as kept falling down) sorry long post. Just am trying to get it straight in my mind before tomorrow. 

Thanks for help. 

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