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Eggs getting smaller and smaller!

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I've had my ex-caged hens now for almost 4 weeks.  When I first got them they laid Medium-Large (supermarket size) eggs which weighed between 54g-72g!  Two hens would lay every other day and the last hen would lay each day.

The egg production then stopped for about 4 days and suddenly started up again (with 4 on one day).  Then it trailed off such that the chicken that lays every day is laying once every 2 days and the other two are laying every 2-3 days but what's more, the eggs over the last two days have become very small (weighing around 42-52g) - I have a pullet and her eggs are the same size.

I wonder what I am doing wrong - they definitely have enough food and water (layers crumble and I also feed layers mash at lunchtime).  I feed them an egg cup of corn each just before bed to raise their body temperatures as they are still feather-bare.  I read I should feed them cat food and meal worms to help grow their feathers back which I have started doing this week.

Over the last two weeks I have also been training my dog to go out with me whilst they are free ranging and she is now well behaved with them and they don't seem to care if she is there or not (they walk right on by her) so I can't think they are stressed from 'predator risk'.

They have an automatic door so it opens nice and early. They seem very happy and run to greet me - in good spirits etc.

Any ideas please?

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Had to google this. But “helping to control” intestinal parasites isn’t the same as deworming. It sounds like a herbal remedy making the gut uninviting for parasites. But won’t do much once you have worms. You wouldn’t take a herbal remedy yourself when you yourself had tapeworm. Please consider using more effective dewormer, like flubenvet.

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It sounds as if your birds may possibly have a heavy worm burden, which is absorbing the nutrients they need to make eggs, and would eventually affect their health.

You can either worm speculatively; purchase Flubenvet pre-medicated pellets from somewhere like farmandpetplace.co.uk, worm once for the usual 7 days, then repeat again after 3 weeks - it sounds as if they may have a heavy worm burden.


Send off to Westgate labs for a faecal worm testing kit and see what they return.

Either way, with older birds, you would expect less eggs, but bigger. Worming is a good place to start... that and nutrition are usually the culprits.

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