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Nasty sour crop

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My mums final ex-batt has had a crop filling up with revolting liquid for 3 days. We starved her for about 48hrs with access to water that we syringed into her when we thought she wasn’t drinking. We gave her access to pellets after that but she’s not interested. We’ve used daktarin (not licensed for use in poultry) but her crop is still filling every day. 

Does anyone have any ideas or prognosis?

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Coincidentally, I just had an email from someone who came on one of my courses about the exact same thing.

You'll need to empty it out - see video here, but ignore the bit about syringing fluid in as she hasn't got an impacted crop.

Give 3mls of neat ACV by syringe, don't feed for 24 hours, see how she is the next day before you feed her and repeat the ACV if necessary. It would be good to put some ACV in their water a couple of times a week.


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Is she pooping?

Have a good feel of her crop and see if you can feel a blockage towards the bottom which might be stopping it from emptying. If she isn't pooping, then I'd be concerned about either a plug/blockage in her crop, gastric stasis or something blocking her gastric system further down. If she is still filling up tomorrow, I would get her to a chicken-savvy vet pronto.

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