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cluck and henry

Double yokers

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Why is it, you read loads of books, thinking you're already to go. You get the chickens and find its all completely different. :anxious:


Please can some one tell me whats happened. This morning one of our chickens (Henrietta) has laid an extra large egg. She has done this once before and it was a double yolker. ((!egg! ))


Have I over fed her or given her something wrong? There has been a cat hanging about occasionally and yesterday morning disturbed Henrietta enough for her to make a little noise.


But generally she appears calm but a little sleepy today.


Thanks in advance.

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I wouldn't worry about double yolkers, just enjoy them!


We have never had one!!! :roll:


it occurs when the yolk (immature egg) is released from the ovary and starts it journey down the egg tube (very technical i know) :wink: Sometimes 2 yolks are released. It is nothing to worry about.


Henrietta will be fine


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But I certainly feel that the books have missed things out.




Thats why this forum is so great - there is usually someone around who can answer a question or give a bit of helpful advice :D


Enjoy the doubles while they last I say.

They should stop once she has settled into a nice laying pattern, so treat them as a bonus for the moment.

I envy you, I have never had one (& I have 7 hens!) :roll::lol:

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For anyone that has never seen a double yolker egg here it is a picture of one compared with our next largest egg (which was pretty large)...


A double yolker egg is huge, I feel for my chooks when then push these out...


Now I know what all you ladies out their go through during childbirth! - Ouch! lol




P.S. The picture doesn't really do it justice...

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