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Leaking eggs??? very confused!!

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I've meaning to ask this for ages but am only just getting round to it.

Our 2 girls have been laying for about a month and a half now and we get an egg off each nearly everyday and can tell who lays which by Buttercup laying darker eggs.

However, Buttercup's eggs after about 4-5 days start looking like the stuff inside is making the shell damp?!?! very odd but don't know how else to describe it, it's like the inside is leaking or seeping into the shell - it doesn't feel damp, the inside membrane is in tact, and the shells are very hard (they have grit added to their feed) much harder than shop ones, need a good whack on the work surface to crack! It's always been the same with her eggs, and they taste fine, cook exactly the same as Nugget's 'normal' eggs, was just wondering if anyone else had this experience or knows what it is!!

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Hiya, I'm not quite sure what you mean......is the egg "wet" when it is collected straight after being layed? If so, that is totally normal, the wet stuff helps the egg come out :vom: Other wise I'm not really sure.....could it be condensation off the fridge?

There was a topic like this a while ago, I'll go and have a look.



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no it doesn't feel wet at all and looks totally normal and egg like for about 4 or 5 days but then the shell in little spots looks a bit darker, as if the egg inside is sort of seeping into the shell - it's very odd, we still eat the eggs and they're fine I just wondered if it was just my hen (only one of them has funny eggs like this!) and it seems it may be just her!!

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One of our Gingernuts - Tikka- lays eggs that are exactly like that. They are slightly paler than Balti's and once laid they begin to develop a mottley appearance with greyish marks - the colour and size of dried raindrops -developing on the shell. They get more pronounced each day.

I just put it down to her own unique style of egg?!


They certainly taste just as good.



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