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Fox proofing help

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Hello fellow chicken keepers!

Totally new hen owner here, we collected 3 ladies from a farm today {18mo due to be killed as is protocol for laying poultry} & we were lucky enough to be given an eglu classic & 2m run by a friend! So kind!

HOWEVER, it’s on grass & it’s missing the anti fox skirt on the end section of the run. I’ve shut the girls in their eglu for the night but is that safe enough? Can a fox break into the actual eglu itself?

Can I do anything to fox proof the end of the run/do Omlet sell just that piece as a replacement I can’t see it online?

Your wisdom would be most appreciated by this twitchy, but very proud new chicken mother!


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I would try ringing Omlet - they may have diverted the phones and often have random spares around the place.

Can you post a photo to show me which bit is missing - I have something kicking around which will help you out in the meantime. Perhaps also show it in a wanted post  as lots of folks have classics and spares. I am not sure that  understand which bit is missing as the skirt on the classic was integral to the main run arches.

I would site the whole thing on slabs which extend beyond the run - extra security. I do this, then weigh down the skirting with bricks or old sleepers.

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Hello all - I have two laying hens that were given to me for Christmas.  They’ve been great so far, inseparable free roaming during the day and cooped up at night very nicely.  This morning when we went to let them out - one of the girls has a bloody head.  I’m guessing the other one pecked it - or it may have caught it’s top red thing in the chicken wire? It’s looks torn from the back. 

I have ordered some tar and gentian spray which should arrive tomorrow.  But not knowing what happened, should I separate them tonight and put the unaffected one one a doggie cage until the other one heals? Can I use a general animal antiseptic spray on her in the meantime? Top of head and quite near eyes, so not an easy one. Help please. 

I’m also worried that I’ve been feeding too much corn, grain mix and not enough pellets.  I generally give them pellets in am and grain in evening. 

thank you! Betsy 

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