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Chickens sleeping in the nest box question

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My girls sleep in the nest box, they have done for a while, I know this is not good for the breastbones in younger girls but was wondering about mine as they are much older.

Do I need to be cruel to be kind and make them sleep on the roosting bars ?

It seems such a big space for 2 little Pekins to sleep in and keep warm, compared to the egg box.

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Making them sleep on the roosting bars isn't cruel - it is more natural (think of birds being perched on a branch) they will get too hot in the nest box and attract lice and mites. Block it off and let them get on with it. If you have a mark 1 cube, then them smallest tub trug (the half height one) fits very well in the round opening between the roosting area and the nest box.

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I'm just wondering how long it takes chickens to forget their habits ?

The tub trug fits perfectly in the hole and does a good job.

I don't mind doing it at all, but just wondered how long it will take, or will they just go back to their old ways no matter how long it is left there and I forget to do it one day ?

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3 minutes ago, mullethunter said:

I’d just have a go and see what happens

Well we didn't quite get it in in time the other day and Gemma was already in the nest box.

As soon as the door was opened she quickly legged it back outside.

I need to keep up with it I think :lol:

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Well, last night I forgot to put the tub trug in 🙄

A while ago, hubby got me some spy cameras which we put in the egg box and in the roosting area and at night you can see quite clearly what is going on.

That was when I saw I hadn't put the tub trug in, but then to my surprise, the camera showed them both snuggled up on the roosting bars and NOT in the egg box.

I was very impressed with them for not taking advantage of the available space :clap:

I will be putting it back tonight though.

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