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Still worried!

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I know I've read loads about everyone's hens crowing but I can't help but think one of my pekins is male. "She" crows and started off the smallest of thew 3 and is now the largest and has the most develped comb and wattle. Would you please take a look at my photos and tell me I'm being silly. :oops:








Don't know why the first one is bigger :?

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Not much help here, but just to let you know that I was in a similar situation with our late Silkie,Treacle.

I actually to him/her to the vets, & even they couldn't tell without doing some sort of camera procedure, so I decided to wait & see what happened.

It turned out that he/she sadly died before we got a real answer :?


You may have to play the waiting game..........

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What about the hackle feathers?


I can't tell very well from your photo, but round ends = girl and pointy ends = bloke as a rule.


I can't really tell. "She" has been molting recently and the head and neck feathers are really rough as though not quite through yet and as you go down the neck they do look very different to the other Pekins' feathers but as much in texture as shape.

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I'm sorry but I am 99.9% certain it is a male and he will start crowing any time soon!


I have some pekin bantams and they are all at the same age...


One of them started crowing a couple of weeks ago and he looked identical to yours (apart from the colourings, mine is a partridge).


The comb and wattle are bright red like yours and of similar size.


The others hens have the same size body but much smaller/lighter coloured combs and wattles.


Once he started crowing it didn't take him long to work out his purpose in life and within a week he started chasing the poor ladies around and jumping on top and having his way with them!

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Here are some pictures of my bantams (just before they had their wash)...


The partridge (with the red developed comb and wattle) is a cockerel





And the Mottled black and white is a hen...




P.S. Sorry for the big image size...

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Well he already crows 1st thing in the morning when in the Eglu and when 1st in the run but I've not heard him any other time. He isn't that loud. When I had the window open I had to ask the kids to be quiet so I could be certain it was him. I could be tempted to keep him although the breeder did say they'd take him back if she turned out to be he.


He's the friendliest which I know in Pekins is a sign of males. I think he's beautiful.

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