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Lynn in Bristol

B***** Fox!

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Hiya, haven't been around for a while!


Tonight at 5 o'clock, while reading with small daughter, was alerted by loud shout of




from large son. Mass panic ensued. Large son had looked up from his homework (fortunately he wasn't concentrating too hard) to see Cicely being pursued across the patio by large red furry creature (Cic always escapes from the netting run, which although not foxproof must buy a little time). Son (who is borderline obsessed by ancient history) rushed out into the garden in his socks brandishing a very large stick. The rest of us piled out after him, running round madly, putting the chickens away and retrieving the cats (who were all doing that fox-impression thing with their tails). Middle daughter was screaming, small daughter just generally standing in everyone's way, making whimpering noises.


The fox just sat on a neighbour's shed, watching us, smug beast. Fortunately, the only headless chickens were me and the children.


The neighbour's dog appeared at this moment, barking its head off.


We've all just about finished shaking. The sausages were burnt, and small daughter complained in the middle of her tea that we hadn't even finished the sentence she was reading!


:eh: Oh, and we have a Foxwatch! I guess when a hungry fox spots an easy meal, it's not going to be put off by a loud noise.

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