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What sand to use for a dustbath?

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I hope you could help me! I need sand for a dustbath for my little 3 weeks chicks. 
Some people suggest Playsand from Melcourt  that contains silica and others suggest Horticultural Sharp Sand from the same brand! 
What do you think I could use? I really want the best for them as they are little babies 🥰 price does not matter 😊 



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Hello Izabella,

I'm sure you'll get a few responses - and some that undoubtedly use different products than others, but for my hens I use a mix of children's play sand, diatomaceous earth, ash, and some loose soil. They seem to enjoy that.



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9 minutes ago, Yorkie_and_us said:

Andy thank you so much. What children’s play sand do you use? I mean what brand? And where do you get the ash from? I can’t find it online 😔🤦‍♀️

Hello again,

The play sand I've bought from various places over the years: Argos, Amazon, eBay etc. It's nothing particularly fancy - shop around for the best price. If you let them free roam in your garden, you'll probably find they ignore it and just dig bowls in the grass to bathe in anyway! It's like cats and scratching posts: you can buy the fanciest, most expensive one you can find, but they'll still scratch your sofas! lol

I have a chiminea, so I use the ash left over from that. It's not a huge amount, I just mix it in as and when. I suppose you might be able to use something like bamboo/coconut charcoal too, but I don't know if anyone does. As it tends to be sold for cosmetic purposes, it's probably not that cheap either. The diatomaceous earth will help with any potential lice and mites too.


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12 hours ago, Yorkie_and_us said:

Where can I buy wood ash? 😊🤷‍♀️

Hello again.

I can't vouch for these guys because I've never bought any myself, but I found this on eBay for you. If in doubt, I'd say always check eBay and/or Amazon, and you'll find almost anything you could ever want or need: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FINELY-SIEVED-WOOD-ASH-POTASH-CHICKEN-DUSTING-POTTERY-GLAZING-or-GARDEN/124166807592?hash=item1ce8eb2028:m:mZ_WRF342WwYxz85wcplKNA

Hope that helps!

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