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Thin shell

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Too young to moult, so that's not it neither is a worm burden. Something is slightly out of sync I think? The trigger to lay is ovulation, the release of an egg yolk off the ovary, the finished egg just happens to be there. So if there has been a change in her body rhythm that would explain it: the egg is being laid before the shell has been applied and that will just be down to her young age. Nothing to do with her diet; the necessary Calcium and Phosphorous needed to transfer shell material from storage in the bones will be in the feed. You could try a better quality layers feed perhaps. What are you buying at the moment?

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The heat is a factor; it inhibits the absorption of calcium. This also covers using ACV in the water - there's a reaction which occurs when this is used in heat, which causes soft shells.

One other thing to take into account is that laying tends to slow in hot weather as they will eat less - let's face it, we do too - as with the winter when they eat less due to lees daylight, they will produce less eggs.

At that age, it is more inclined to be a calcium absorption issue or worms than a shell gland malfunction. 

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