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Pekin curly feathered or normal?

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I want to buy some pekin bantam chickens, but I have the choice between curly feathered or normal....
Personal I kind of like the curly feathered, but I was wondering if there are disadvantages at curly feathered chickens....
Don't they suffer from the cold in winter and rain??  As the feathers are supposed to keep a layer of air around the chicken for isolation....

Anyone has experiences with this?


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51 minutes ago, The Dogmother said:

I've had frizzles - and still do - and they are lovely, ridiculous bundles of fun. Bear in mind that they aren't waterproof and can't fly. Mine have always seemed hardy, but then I have covered runs with waterproof clear tarps.

Pekins and frizzles will tend to brood.

If the run has tarps on it (but they can always roam outside of course), and they have the possibility to find shelter by rain.  Don't they suffer from cold when temperatures drop?


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