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Near drowning incident! advice please!

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Oh my! just had a horrible experience on the first day we have let our two new chickens out of their run into the garden. I noticed a cat stalking Dandelion by the run and ran down to chase it away - and then realised Dotty was missing. I searched high and low and then heard a desperate flapping and she was stuck in our pond, hidden from view by the reeds. I quickly got her out and wrapped her up warm and stroked her for a while and now, although still a bit wet, I think she's okay - eating again and competing with Dandelion for food thank goodness! Can chickens swim? could she have been scared in by the cat? perhaps it was a big gust of wind that knocked her in, as it is violently gusty today, do chickens learn from their mistakes? should they not be near ponds? - all ideas and advice very welcome!! My heart is still pounding...

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