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Mixing feed layers & Verm-x pellets

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I have been feeding our 4 new rescue ladies on ordinary layers pellets - which they love.

I bought  a bag of layers pellets with verm-x in

Question is - can I mix the 2 together.  I'm pretty sure they will eat anything, to be honest,  I believe the verm-x is meant to be a deterant for worming,                                                                                as a newbie can anyone please reassure me this will be fine.

Thank you for any help/info ..   

New Mad Chicken Lady... 🐔🤪

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1 hour ago, Cat tails said:

Yes you can mix the feeds, but Verm-X doesn’t do much and I really wouldn’t bother using it. If a hen has worms, it doesn’t kill them. You be better off using a proper wormer like Flubenvet or get a poo sample checked for worms.

Ditto - mix them to use it up and then save yer money and just buy a good quality feed such as Smallholder. Run a faecal test every quarter to see if they need worming with Flubenvet.

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