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Eglu Go with 2m Run - HELP

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Hi all,

I've just taken delivery of my Eglu Go, along with 2m run, and am encountering some problems assembling the run.

I've managed to attach the first 2 side piece, using the Shoulder Bolts and run brackets, however am having difficulty attaching the Top Rear panel - it just doesn't seem to fit. 

First Image shows sides on - https://imgur.com/lkdGHzK

Second Image shows attempt to place Top Rear pane - https://imgur.com/DUyys2r

Essentially if I was to try to get the side pieces to meet the top rear panel edges, it's like as though I have to bend the side pieces out.  Difficult to explain...

Have you done the shoulder bolts up too tight?

Has anyone else had problems attaching the run to the Eglu Go?

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

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Looks like they’ve changed the shape of the Go house and made it more square than the one I’ve got. If that’s the case perhaps check they’ve actually sent you he right run. Failing that make sure you’ve actually got the side pieces on the right way around and that they’re the right pieces. If all is right, probably just use he run clips to pull them together.

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