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Hens with a cold

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Hello, I'm a relatively new chicken owner, looking for some advice please!

I've got two ex-batts who are roughly around 4 years old, plus four newer girls who are about 9 months old.

I noticed one of the ex-batts was sneezing and snotty on Tuesday, so I removed her from the flock and she is currently in the utility room.  On Thursday I noticed the other ex-batt was sneezing, so she is now indoors too.  They each have a dog crate with a perch in and while the dogs are shut in the living room, they can mooch around the utility and kitchen with me.  They are both eating well and are as active as ever (hoping up on to the counters to see what I'm up to, trying to get in the dishwasher etc...)

The vet has given me Tylan and suggested treating all the girls just to be on the safe side.  My question is if all the birds are being treated with Tylan, can I put the ex-batts back into the coop with the other girls, or should I wait until the symptoms have gone?  The original sickly bird is still sneezy and seems to have had it worst.   They are really getting very annoyed at being stuck inside with me when they could be free ranging around the garden!


Thanks in advance  :-)




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