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Hows about this then????????

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As some of you may be aware from my previous thread about having a nervous breakdown- I have a feather pecking hen that has worn a groove into her beak whilst wearing a bumper bit. (It is a bit not a ring).


She is pecking my other two girls constantly and they both now have bald bums and Rose has a naked leg.

I have tried everything I can think of but still she plucks them.


Today I removed her BB and thought that I would try to re-fit one and see if I could get it to fit into her beak in a slightly different position so that it misses the groove and prevents her from closing her beak once more.


I have taken the bit out and have been thinking of what I can do to modify the bumper bit and I have come up with this..................... :idea:



I have cut out the actual 'bit part' from one bumper bit and have super glued it onto the 'bit' part of another bumper bit, so now I have a bumper bit with double the thickness which should-in theory mean that when she closes her beak the tips won't meet just like before she wore the groove into her beak. :wink:


I want to see what people think of this invention before I go and stick it on her just in case anyone thinks of a reason that this would not work. :?

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Well, the new invention is now on her beak and it is holding her beak very slightly open-so, so far so good. Will the groove get deeper?? Will the super glue hold?? Mmm, now we will have to wait and see. :lol::lol:


If the superglue doesn't hold I will buy another type of glue-if the groove in her beak gets deeper and we are back to square one I think I will just carry on with the nervous breakdown I was planning :wink:


I will try to take pics but I will have to make another one in order to do some step by steps. Maybe Laura &CTB would want it as she seems to be having the same problem. :D


This time next year I'll be a miwnionaire!!!

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