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Egg full of blood!

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Hello, has anyone experienced eggs full on blood before (see photos). One of my girls laid an egg 127g, double yolk full of blood. It was a massive egg with pale shell. Should I be worried? She seems OK and is eating, perky and doesn't look ill at all. Just worried there might be something weird going on inside her. Any help much appreciated! 




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50 minutes ago, Beantree said:

Never seen an egg that bloody inside, but we have had phases of large blood spots in eggs. For that reason all eggs are now cracked individually into a separate bowl before they go into anything.

That's a good idea, there's  nothing worse than ruining cake mix with a bad egg. 

14 hours ago, The Dogmother said:

Seen it before too, but it's rare. Probably due to a slight bleed as the ova was released.

Puts you off yer breakfast though.

Glad it's not just us that have had it although it can't be nice for the hens. Hopefully it's just a one off. 

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16 hours ago, Cat tails said:

I’ve never seen something like that before. But maybe she was about to lay a lash when the egg was forming and it was incorporated into the egg?

Ohhh I've never heard of a lash before, thanks for suggesting it. Just looked it up - could well be this! Thank you :)

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13 hours ago, Monic said:

Hello, I don’t want  to worry you, but watch your hen carefully, and inspect every egg. Had boody egg before and was at the begging of problems with a reproductive truck. 

How old is your hen, and how many egg she lays a week?


Hello, thanks for the reply! She's only 1.5 years old so shouldn't be having laying issues yet (I'd have thought!). I will certainly keep an eye on the eggs she lays though. She lays almost 7 a week pretty consistently. Sometimes misses some days (particularly in this heat!). She seems healthy apart from that bloody egg. Hopefully it was a one off. 

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