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Recommendation - Camrosa

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Hi guys,


Just thought I would pass on the details of this company I found.


After many many months of our Shar pei having a really bad skin condition, after numerous trips to the vet, injections, vitamins change of diet etc etc he still got no better and in fact kept getting worse and worse, he looked moth eaten and was constantly licking and scratching....... I found this company......


The company is called Camrosa, they are based in East Sussex their website is http://www.camrosa.co.uk/


We purchased the starter pack which contains shampoo and ointment plus oinment remover.......We got it on the 12th september and have had to use it constantly since then until about the end of the week........His skin has now almost recovered and his fur has started to grow back.....No more itching, licking biting etc, its a great product.......Just one problem though, its very messy.......


Anyway I would recommend it to anyone with a pet with a skin condition etc, plus it can also be used on the chickens...... :)

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I'm glad your Shar Pei is getting better.


They are my favourite type of dog and I really hope to have one of my own one day. :D


Thanks for telling us about this company.


Sometimes Jasdog worries at his paw and gets a really sore open wound.


Next time he does it, I'll give this a go.

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The ointment lasts for upto 3 years too, although at the moment we had had to order more of the stuff as his skin was so bad.......He did have a couple of quite deep wounds, which did bleed, used the ointment and you couldnt even see where they had been 2 days later.......


If you do order some make sure you get the remover too, or you will never get the stuff off :lol:


Shar pei's are so lovely, they pur like cats its very funny to listen to him.....I think we have just been quite unlucky with him, hopefully though this stuff will sort his skin out once and for all.......


Anyway enough of me going on and on about it lol :lol:

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The shampoo is vegan (no animal ingredients), alcohol free, contains no petro-chemicals, no artificial perfumes or colourings, no Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphates, is free from genetically modified ingredients, and free from any unnecessary synthetic additives. Camrosa Concentrated Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo has excellent foaming and cleansing properties, the extremely mild foaming agent being extracted from corn.



Camrosa is an effective water repellent barrier against flies, midges, wet, mud, mites, the sun and pollution. It promotes the natural healing of cracks, sores, callouses, fixed scabs, superficial injuries and soothes itchy, irritated, dry skin. It aids hair regrowth and maintains supple skin and healthy hooves.


Camrosa Ointment is economical to use, long-lasting in all weathers - does not melt in heat nor wash off in rain.


Shelf life > 3 years in cool storage.


A calcium soap: 12 hydroxy octadecanoic acid, n-octadecanoic, and sodium salt, suspended in hydrotreated (severe) heavy naphthenic distillate

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Does it have a list of ingredients at all there may be a cheaper alternative in fact I think I am probably using it at the moment :lol:


Have you got healthy hooves now then Louise? :lol:


Thanks for the lists Karl/Andy


No not yet Lesley I was back at the hospital on Monday and they are still not happy I'm not either still got sore fingers I am not convinced that the treatment is what I need I may just try this dog stuff :lol:


I am also now getting patches elsewhere on my body feet knees and elbows where I didn't have problems before starting the treatment :?


Does anybody know of a homeopathic remedy for Psoriasis :evil:

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