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Hens in the Nesting Box

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I have the Omelet Cube, and my hens are just now starting to lay eggs.  YAY!  I know the Omelet says that it is good for 6 to 10 chickens.  My question is, should I buy another nesting box to put in the run?  I have 7 hens.  The Silkie is so tiny I almost shouldn't count her, but I have.  So far, I have gotten 1 egg a day.  I just put my wildlife camera up outside to see who is giving me eggs.  I am just wondering if the nesting part of the cube is big enough for all of the hens to go in and lay their eggs, or if I need to buy another nesting area to put in the run.

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My experience is that they all lay at various times throughout the day, and if the nesting box is full, they seem to take their turns - so I'm not sure you need a second nesting box. On the few occasions that one of them couldn't wait, they have laid their egg on the floor of the run - but that is very rare.

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13 hours ago, Patricia W said:

They should all lay in the cube.  Normally, they would lay at different times of day so not everyone in there at once.  Having said that I have a cat carrier in the run because I have one fussy madam who likes to alternate between that and the cube, but it’s not necessary.  


That’s EXACTLY what I have!

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