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Chicken 1 - 0 Eggs

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Has anyone had a chicken that has NEVER laid an egg?


Our Dannii has never laid an egg.


We bought 3 of them at the same time from Wernlas all the same age, about 12 - 14 weeks.


Kylie (the size of a dove) is a lovely layer of beautiful white eggs, Martha (just coming out of being broody) lovely creamy/brown coloured eggs and Dannii no eggs at all.


She has a huge red comb and wattles and is twice the size of Kylie


Do you think she will ever lay?


Our new girls have both laid today.We were beginning to think she was a he until we saw pics of the cockeral of her breed and she is nothing like that so definitely a girl


Come on Dannii :D

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Our Gold Legbar from Wernlas was also very slow to start laying - she was approximately 28 weeks when she did, even though she had had a large red comb for ages and was as big as the Omlet two. I thought we weren't going to get any this year, as winter was drawing closer and she hadn't started. But since she started, she has hardly had a day off :D


But our Frisian, bought at the same time and age, has barely got a comb and has still not laid any eggs. I think she has been concentrating on growing feathers. So I am glad to see that your Frisian is laying.


I think they are just contrary birds! but very attractive.



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We acquired two hens who have never laid - I don't know why :?


The Araucanas are notoriously late starting Snowy, so you never know.


Ah, thanks Lesley. That explains it, Fizz the araucana we lost, was the last to start laying when we got them. Looks like no blue eggs for Christmas then. :roll::D

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As well as the no eggs from Dannii, they are all now starting to pick on her


She had been quite badly pecked yesterday so we have sprayed them all with purple spray


They do look a bit of a sight, so do my hands

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