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Christmas Parties

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I'm just home from my works' Christmas lunch, ever so mildly squiffy :shock: Manager bought 4 bottles of wine, 2 red & 2 white, for 14 of us. Turned out that most were either driving or had to return for evening surgery. A few had a glass, but myself and a colleague felt responsible for making sure that nothing was wasted, being neither workers nor drivers :roll: Had a good time, food was a major let down, but wine OK *hic, hic*. Please excuse any typos, I'm seeing everything in double... or is that treble :?:shock:

Merry Christmas everyone :D:D:D:D:D

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I am having a miserable Christmas this year.

One party we were invited to on Friday we cannot go to as the in laws have announced they WILL be visiting that evening :?


And I was due to go out for a festive pub supper with my girlfriends last night, but had been feeling sick all day so had to cancel :(


The friends who we normally see on New Years have been invited to a party at another friends house, but we have not,so that is looking like another night in front of the TV :roll:



Bah Humbug !

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