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Christmas Parties

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We have our Christmas lunch at work tomorrow. :)


130+ non teaching staff. I work in the kitchen so have to help prepare and serve the meal and clear up afterwards. :cry:


Already helped at the pupils, teachers and guests Christmas meal, about 500 meals then. :shock: That was at the beginning of December, and then they all went on their Christmas Holidays.


Never mind, last day at work tomorrow and then 2 weeks off. Hurrah :!::D:D:D:D

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We had our Christmas party last weekend - I was the only sober one there (surprise!), and spent the night fending off the 19 year old who doesn't know his compliments from his insults, then left early, exhausted. Found out on the Monday after that I missed 2 fights - one between the barstaff and one between to young girls off the checkouts - aaaaah, Christmas - the season of goodwill???!


Had a much better time this weekend when I took Caity to her first proper Christmas party, complete with pretty dresses, sparkly shoes and Santa. She was mesmerised by Santa, and danced herself silly, and ate enough chocolate to make a grown up throw up! Think I'll give the works party a miss next year, and just go to the kiddies parties instead!

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He offered me breakfast but I declined feeling too ill and embarrassed at that point :oops:


I got really embarrassed when I discovered HE had slept on the couch as he only rents a one bedroomed house :shock:


I was so out of it he could have shoved me in the dog kennel and I wouldn't have noticed :lol:


I just hope my mother didn't call last night else I am in BIG trouble :cry:

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