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Holidaying with teenagers

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We want to go to Cornwall next summer, but I am finding it hard to find a holiday or accomodation that suits us all.


If Centerparcs had a Cornish village, that would be great :roll:


So, it needs to be somewhere where the daughters can have a degree of freedom,but still be safe, the food must be fab, & I don't do under 4 star anymore :wink:

I am thinking a Hotel, but any that look suitable seem to be aimed more towards the smaller child,& I would like something a bit more grown up this time. If we do have a Hotel then adjoining rooms is a must,so I can dive in & break up the fights :lol:


A Spa would be nice too.


Has anyone got a fab place they know of?


I don't ask for much,do I :roll::lol:

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Erm, no idea I'm afraid - I haven't been to Cornwall since I was five years old!


I was going to suggest a holiday cottage but then it would be self-catering.....although you could eat out all the time or get take aways! :roll::roll::lol:



Hope someone comes up with better suggestions :D

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we've just come back from Cornwall. I would say the North Coast is my favourite, although its really easy to access both coasts depending on where you are staying.


I'll have a look on the internet for you. We did stay at some log cabins a few years ago but it was south coast and was very quiet which may not be suitable for your girls.

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Hi Sarah, Not sure if these run during holiday times, but I take my Year 6 children to Bude in Cornwall on "Junior Choice" Activity centre holidays. Staying in very nice static caravans, the kids get to do body boarding, climbing, archery, fencing, abseiling etc, all with qualified instructors.

I know its called Junior Choice, but they take teenagers as well.

Not sure if that's what they are interested in or not, but I can recommend the company, they are excellent with our children.

I'll have a look for you


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Thanks all for your help - Chelsea you are a star!


We don't really need activity, as we will be out & about as a family during the day seeing all that Cornwall has to offer, but it would be nice to be somewhere with some evening social stuff for the girls.

I am leaning towards a Hotel in a town (not Newquay though), where they can socialise after supper,if they want.

Or a holiday village more aimed towards teens than younger children.

They might not want to, but I feel that as they will be 13 & 15 I need to give them the option.

It would be nice for us to have some alone time too,of course 8)

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