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I'm so disappointed . . . .

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Yesterday we had one white egg from Daisy and a two tone egg we think was Darcy's, although she's not laid that colour before. Today we have a white egg from Daisy and a pastel coloured egg from ? Could it be the first egg from our columbine Heather? Perhaps it will be confirmed if we have a 4 egg day tomorrow. Columbines have an 80% chance of laying a blu/green egg and the other 20% lay a range of pastel coloured eggs. I will be so disappointed with one of the 20% . . . I want blue/green eggs. :(

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Well I should change the title to I'm NOT so disappointed as I've solved the mystery. For some reason our Black Rock changed egg colour for two days and is now back to normal. Still waiting for the columbines to lay . . . . . . . still waiting. . . . . have almost given up!

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