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What a day

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Well this morning the man from the poultry place turned up with a van to off load my lovely new ark and 4 beautiful chooks. Joy and excitement turned to sadness and gloom when it was found that there was no way of getting the ark into my garden.


So he took the ark and my lovely girls away with him :(:(:(


I was so sad and so miserable. :(:(:(


Not to be outdone though were we? No way. Off to Scat countrystore we went and got a flat pack ARK for £124 - squeezed it into the back of the mini and brought it home. Fetched the birdies from the the poultry place. 4 birds in a cat box in the back of a mini is a sight to behold and straight out of the movie chicken run.


We are now the proud owners of Matilda (light sussex) Kylie (white silkie who looks a bit like a punk rocker as she keeps washing her hair :? ) and not 1, no but 2 beautiful Polands - Dave and Sharon.


Pictures will follow tomorrow, they are absolutely gorgeous. The cats don't know what to make of them.


They are so beautiful and sooooo friendly - especially Dave and Sharon who almost asked to be picked up. Matilda made a break for it and we had to play the whole chase the chicken game. Kylie seems to be top chicken and Matilda is the one that seems to be at the bottom. They love their new home and can eat for England.


They are now safely tucked up in bed - took themselves off while we were watching the results to Strictly come dancing.


Really looking forward to the morning when we let them out. I think I shall be popping home at lunch time to give them their treats.



Just gorgeous. :D:D Very happy now.

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Bunch of sleepy heds. :roll: They didn't want to get up this morning. Hubs didn't want to go to work without saying goodbye though, so he opened up the back of the house and gently encouraged them to make an appearance.


2 slugs had appeared overnight in the run but they weren't in the least bit interested in them. Straight to the pellets and yesterdays left over corn treat.


Anyway i got to spend half an hour with them this morning and I shall go back at lunchtime and give them a few treats. :D

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