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Guest Penguinmad

Building a cube

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Well whilst watching the GP this afternoon I finally put my new cube together. It took an hour and a half by myself with no run (well James helped - if he hadn't it might not have taken so long!).


Then I had to wrestle it out of the house.


Both tales are on my blog, complete with step by step piccies http://www.eglu-owner.co.uk


Girlies are tucked up in there for the night now and the anti-chicken (who bought the cube :roll: ) is now worrying that they have too much room and will get cold :roll:

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Great photos Peguinmad - I especially like the one when you had the cube in your kitchen


sparkleeee - where are three of your chickens going? In the pot?


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I really thought I'd stuffed up in the kitchen - I got stuck on the oven handle aftter that picture I thought I was about to go and take the oven door off!!!

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Oh dear, if I show her she will order 6, one for each chook and one for each cat. Mind you her cat thinks we don't talk to her anymore, she seems to be completely deaf so Mum would have to demonstrate.


She is a worrier, I always knew she was but I didn't realise just how much until we moved in together!

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