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feathers falling out!

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Hiya, for the past few days I have noticed a few Nutmeg feathers in the run. The amount seems to be increasing every day. I have no idea why they are falling out though is there something wrong with her? She can't be moulting because she is only about 25 weeks old. I havent seen any of the other chickens pull any out and when we empty the poo trays in the morning there are always feathers there too.

Here is a piccie of todays collection:



There are more but the other chickens poo'd on them and i didnt fancy picking them up :vom:


Does anyone know why this is? There are no other feathers apart from Nutmeg's. I collect them as soon as i can because i have heared of chooks eating the feathers because they can taste the blood.


Thank you for any help!


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Feemcg posted a list a while back with all the ages when chickens moult. Annoyingly I can't find it in any of the forums :evil:


They do have little moults in their first year when they replace their baby feathers. My 4 newbies have been losing a few feathers recently, which makes for a lot of feathers as my 4 oldies are all moulting :roll:


Bubbles had a big moult at 7 months old.

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