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Adding a single hen to 2 existing ones - will it be brutal?

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We've had our Gingernut Ranger and Ms Pepperpot from Omlet since May, all going well, no probs, 10-12 eggs a week.


I have a run extension, so there's enough room for 3 hens. I'm thinking of getting another one - maybe a Wyandotte. Will adding a single POL hen to these two result in a bloodbath? People seem to be constructing new houses and things - what's the worst that could happen if I just put the new one in with the existing two and leave them to it? They woudn't kill her or anything like that would they?

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I think it depends on the chickens temper. When i tried to introduce mrs. weasley and herro to new chickens they were having none of it and viscously attacked them so i had to seperate them.

however, today i introduced one new chicken to my 2 bantams and they got along like a hosue on fire, they even went to roost together 20 mins after. Fingers crossed theyll stay this way.


I think it worked out so well though because my bantams are little sweeties and my reddies are little bossy cows.

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