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mmmmmmm, eggs.

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:lol: I love our chickens but I realised today that I don't really eat many eggs. In fact I can't remember the last egg I ate, so now the family are finally surfacing after our descent into the kingdom of puke we're only just starting to eat properly again. Having dropped the kids off at their Nans, dropped the dog off at home ready for me to go to work I suddenly decided I was hungry (first time since Thursday!)


So, I've just toasted a muffin (not sure I've ever actually had one before!) liberally applied real butter as there are times when only the proper stuff will do, fried an egg, one of Lulu's I think, added salt and lots of black pepper and scoffed the lot. And it was LOVELY!!! I'm having to resist the urge to have another!! And now, I also remember the difference between our girls eggs and shop eggs - like different foods altogether. So I'm off to work, last one for 8 days, don't finish til 2am again, but I'm happy cos I just had the best food in the world!! :D:D:D


Just thought I'd share that


Mrs Bertie

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Go on....have another......you are in the calorie black at the moment! :lol:


Scrambled eggs for me this am.


I didn't like the look of Nigella's concoction last night.


Somehow eggs, chilli and spring onion first thing wouldn't appeal.


I'm too polite to tell you what my son thought it looked like.



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