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Getting a new chook help me decide - Maran of Buff Orpington

Shall I get a Buff Orpington or Maran  

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  1. 1. Shall I get a Buff Orpington or Maran

    • Buff Orpington
    • Maran

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The Orpingtons are very docile certainly! When we visited a breeder at the weekend, my son managed to grab one very quickly and lug it around with him. It didn't seem too bothered! :lol: They are huge though! And I don't think egg production is a top priority with them (small and infrequent). Whereas Marans lay larger, dark brown eggs and slightly more frequently. I voted orps though - they are beautiful!

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We have a maran - she's very perky and makes us laugh, she's always on the go and is getting very tame and follows us when we are in the garden.


I really wanted Orpingtons when our other chicken died a little while ago. But we got 2 cochins instead.


Orpingtons are gorgeous, easily tamed, docile, but they will get very big!! so if you get some you wont be able to keep very many in an eglu. :)

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