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Introducing a new hen

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i have 3 chooks in the eglu and have just bought another one. i have blocked off some of the run and it is using the same feeder as the others, not sure if its being allowed to eat :x the bullies! but it is seeming a bit down and is not very active and spends most of her time siting on the floor. is there anything i can do please help me :(

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Hi, congrats on your new arrival.

There are plenty of posts & stickies about intros, so do have a look around the forum.


I would get her a seperate feeding & eating area, so she can feed herslf unmolested, & you don't have to worry.

Keep her seperate during the day & post her through the egg port to spend the night with the others, hoiking her out to her seperate run first thing in the morning.

When did you get her?

She may be a little off colour from her journey & the shock of being put into a new environment.


Just keep an eye, take it slow & I am sure they will all mingle nicely in the end :D

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Probably a good job she doesn't fight back! The sooner they realise that the new chicken is submissive, the sooner the fighting will end. But if it is getting nasty, best to keep her seperate during the day, but near enough for the others to see her but not get at her. They are normally OK if you put them all in together at night then seperate again in the morning. When I've done introductions, I leave them together a little bit longer each day. Giving them time apart gives the new chicken chance to relax, explore and eat in peace.

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is the new chook the same age? or a lot younger?


When we got our new chooks they were a lot younger so we have had to split them up completely as they also wouldnt run away and would just sit and be pecked.


I personally would split them for a while (living accommodation and when they are shut in) and let them free range as all one group. Our chickens are fine together when they free range as the new chooks can run away in the garden as opposed to being confined in the run - there is nowhere to run!!

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