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Run and poo advice please :-)

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2nd day of chicken ownership and I’ve found out they poo, a lot!  I know that’s old news to you all 😆

No issue with cleaning the coop, however the run is currently around 3” of hardwood chippings on concrete.  I can’t easily get in the run to find the poo and deal with it.  Can the soiled chippings be extracted and washed down?  I can get a rake in there.

If no alternative, one of the kids has just found a job 😂 



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Some poo pick.... a small rake, good pair of gloves will do the trick. Others wash the chips down once in a while. You can rake in things like Stalosan powder to get rid of any nasties.

I’m rather lazy... part of the run is on earth and I only hose that down a few times in summer. Worms do the rest. Other part of the run is on paving slabs without wood chips and I just sweep (well, more like hack...) that part once a week.

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I find the poo disappears amongst the woodchip. 

I rake mine every now and then, but do use sanitiser. 

I pop any other poops I find in my compost bin and feathers too.

How deep do you have your woodchip ?

Mine is a good few inches - this might help it disappear.

Children's tools are a handy size for chicken runs.

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I pick out the poo from my woodchip run once a week and put it on my compost heap along with any woodchip that come along with it - I use a child’s beach spade (will try to do it once a day when they’re shut in) and change all the woodchip about once a year - I tend to use that woodchip as a mulch in my garden borders.

I guess you could could choose to clean out less, or not at all, but it would cost more because you’d have to replace the wood chip more often.

I’d go down the child labour route if I were you.

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