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Plastic Roosting Bars for Mk2 Eglu fit perfectly in a Mk1 Eglu

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I recently acquired a Yellow Mk1 Eglu, which is the type that were made prior to Spring 2005. They look almost identical to the more common Mk2 Eglu's (now known as a "Classic" Eglu), but some parts are a very slightly different shape and size. These Eglu's came with wooden roosting bars, which, as I'm sure you can imagine, need replacing after 15 years! The replacement bars listed in the Omlet Shop state that they are for Mk2 Eglu's, but I can confirm they fit perfectly in a Mk1 Eglu as well. I did test this before spending £22 on a new set of bars, as I already had two Mk2 Eglu's, both with plastic roosting bars. I simply swapped in the big and small sets as a test and they were a perfect fit. The new set of bars from Omlet arrived today, together with a new lynch pin (the previous owner lost the original one!). My girls are so pleased with their new bright yellow coop, one even laid an egg in it this morning! 

Yellow Mk1 Eglu.jpg

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2 hours ago, mullethunter said:

I’m jealous of your yellow coop. I would say I wish Omlet still did more colours but I think it’s better for my bank balance that they don’t!

Yes, it is a shame that they don't do all of the colours anymore.

Mind you, if they did today and I was a newbie I think I would still pick the lilac cube and maybe sneak in a yellow too.

I decided that lilac would look like a giant flower in my garden.

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