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my chickens have started laying eggs from their roost

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I have 2 chickens  quite young,  a  Sussex and a  bluebelle, that i thought was a Sussex.

A few days ago they stopped  using the nest box and started to lay direct from the roost,  leading to  cracked or  smashed  eggs.

I have laid extra hay underneath where they roost,  BUT I'd much rather they used the nest  boxes instead.

Its  only one  hen doing this, the other  didnt  start to lay yet 

Anyone got any  help of  advise on how to achieve this???


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We had the same problem during the night and it almost stopped after we electrified the enclosure. We think they were being disturbed by foxes. However one still lays on the floor, despite using lovely soft moss in the nest box. She also lays during the night and to avoid broken eggs we covered the floor with shavings and laid feed bags on top. This acts as a cushion, so her eggs don't break on impact. Can't get her to lay in the nest box at all.

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