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Infertile eggs?

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Hi Everyone, 

i have put 6 Silkie eggs inside the Brinsea Incubator and 2 are definitely fertile and are developing nicely, however I am unsure (I can’t see veins) if the other eggs are fertile. I don’t think they are and I was wondering if I should remove them from the incubator to prevent exploding eggs, which I have heard can happen.

I don’t want to mistakenly take out a fertile egg so is it safe to just leave them all in their for another 11 days and see which ones hatch, or should I take them out?

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My maths says you candled at day 10 Ellasflock, which I've found can be a bit too early because I can't see that much at all. I'd candle again at day 12 when the infertiles should be obvious. I wouldn't leave them in longer than that because, as you say, they can start 'weeping' bad bacteria and ultimately will 'explode' contaminating the whole batch. If you see what looks like solid flecks appearing on the surface of the egg that's the goo inside weeping out and setting solid in the heat. But you won't get to that I think?

I've never seen veins when candling, rather just a solid mass and the air sac. It's quite a low powered unit we use and haven't upgraded it as I worry that too much light might damage their eyes perhaps?

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Okay thank you for your advice! I can definitely see a chick and veins, it is very obvious which ones are fertile, so I think from what you have said I am going to remove the ones that I can’t see veins and a black mass like figure in the egg, as I put them in all at the same time so they should all look the same if they were all fertile, and 4/6 don’t. Thank you!

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