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Hooray, I've got an avatar!

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:D Hooray :!: , I've finally worked out how to put an avatar on to my profile. Also today we had a whopper of an egg laid. We checked at about 10am this morning for eggs, but there weren't any. Then we saw Lily and Rusty go in the eglu at about 10.30. A few minutes later Rusty came out and then a few minutes after that Lily came out. We looked in the eglu and there were two eggs. One is really HUGE :!: . I don't know who laid it, maybe I should have seen who's eyes were watering.


Love from Rebecca and the girls.x.

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Good grief, that's enough for scrambled eggs for the whole family!! congrats on your avatar. I was without an image for ages...bit new to technology. :oops:


Merry Crimbo :D



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Eh? Beauty Box's chook laid the 110g egg Mel not our hens..


Miss Spekledy's (we think the layer) eggs have reached 62g mark now. Her Christmas Day morning egg (60g) was given to my nephew Alec for his Boxing Day 'dippy egg' breakfast. Aged five, he thoroughly enjoyed it I was told today. :):)


As for Miss Spekledy (soon to be called Steve (McQueen)) we are now on Chicken run Mark IV (that is how we have spent a large part of today :roll: ) and we will be interested to see if she manages a successful escape bid in the morning....


PS I have put a pic of our Cape Town chooks in my album in the Gallery....

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I should think it was!!! :shock::shock:


Our recently started layer (Miss Spekledy/Steve McQueen/ 'you're terrible' Muriel) laid her biggest egg today at 66g. I was looking at it today and thinking just how big your 110g egg must have been!


I came across what I think must be your photo album in the gallery- and they are only very little hens too. Bless. :o

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