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Introducing new hens to a lone chicken

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Hi, sadly last night we lost a chicken leaving just the one (6 month old). Looking for advice on whether it would assist by introducing the same type of hen at a similar age and also how many we should introduce  - we may have an option of introducing a sister of hers and wondering if we should do that first and then introduce two others?! Thanks from a novice chicken keeper!

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How sad to hear!

It is always a puzzle to introduce to a single hen, even for experienced chicken keepers!

You could go for 2 POL hens to go with your existing hen. She'll be bigger and it will be her house, so she will have the upperhand on any new hens. Adding 2 will give them a good chance against your remaining hen. 

The sister option is interesting though, although I really don't know how much memory/affinity chickens have with any nest mates. If she regards her sister as an intruder it will be a more difficult introduction than adding 2 POLs.

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Hello, we have 4 10 month old pekin bantam pullets but one is being badly pecked/bullied. She’s separated and we have tried a few times to unsuccessfully reintegrate her.

We’re now thinking of getting two younger pullets (13 weeks) to live in a separate coop with her. However I have just seen two pekin bantams of the same age as her looking for a new home - do you think this could work or will we end up in a similar position of her being outnumbered? It would be nice to rehome but would it be better to get two younger pullets?

Many thanks,

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