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Yellow lice/mites

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Hi all,


Hope you're keeping well - long time lurker and recently just purchased some hens for my back yard. I have experience raising hens before (many years ago) 

I notice that my Faverolle has yellow lice/mites on her. I've used smite organic DE powder on her around the coop, the run and around feeders/drinkers. I did tons of reading and assumed these were red mites (just not turned red yet) so I went out and got the Battles Red Mite spray which smells awesome and gave both my girls a good rub with the red mite powder. 

Two days on - both my girls are itching themselves quite a bit, done some inspection and one of my girls has nothing on her but is still itching, my Faverolle on the other hand still has these yellow mites/lice and when going through her I spot about 4-5 (yes there are probably thousands on her) 

Any advice as what to do next? My girls are on concrete and I've provided a huge container for them full of soil and sand so they can (hopefully) naturally get rid of any mite/lice. 

I would very grateful for any feedback/support.









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11 hours ago, mullethunter said:

Either go and see your vet, or get some ivermectin (not licensed for use on poultry) which is a ‘spot on’ parasite remover. 

Thank you, where can I pick up some ivermectin from? Also, are eggs okay to eat after using ivermectin? 

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