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How long does a cockerel crow for?

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I have taken in a nine month old cockerel (Bantam) I originally hatched him and he went to a friend sadly she ended up with two. I have never kept a cockerel he is delightful and settled in really  well. But i would like to know?

Do they crow for the whole period from sunrise until it is fully light or just for a few minutes at sunrise? 

Am I better:-

a)  shutting the omlet door until I get up - but will he crow until he's let out? will this create more problems as it will be semi light?

b) Leaving the door open (this is my normal arrangement as they are in a bigger enclosed run.)

Or this question impossible to answer as it varies between cockerels? I know over the years I have had really noisy chickens and then some very quiet ones. 


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I can say from our experience that normally they start crowing about an hour before daylight and stop after a while, then in the morning for a short while after coming out and eating, if there is a sudden change in light conditions during the day (gets lighter) and if there is another cockerel nearby crowing. None of ours (dozen or so) have crowed in the evening or during the night, but I know some do.

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