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New chickens aren't very active

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We picked up three hens last Friday (brand new flock, not introducing to any other chickens). They appear to be healthy: poo normal, crop fine, nothing stuck to their bum, appear to be eating and drinking fine. But they are really inactive. Today, two of them haven't left the coop apart from to have something to eat and drink this morning. The other is in the run but just sitting down. As I say, there's nothing physically wrong with them that I can see. On top of everything else, their feet look good, their eyes are bright. No sign of worms or lice or mites.

Is this pretty normal behaviour when they're settling into a new home? Am I being an over-anxious new chicken mum? 

They do tend to come out of the coop when I go near to see whether I've brought them anything tasty.

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