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one leg of new born chick is bent

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last Thursday my chicks hatched but one of them had a problematic leg. actually I realized it after 5 or 6 hours and I separated it from the others and took it to my house. I have waited a couple of more hours but then I noticed that  when it is sitting, the leg stays out and it gets worde so I searched the internet and put a rubber on its legs to keep them aligned but after three days I removed it and I noticed that the fingers are rotated and the chick is not using the leg completely then I also again looked at the internet I found out that some people saying that it might be a slipped tendon and some suggested to push the leg a little bit backward and then try to straighten up the leg. I tried to do it but I was unable to straighten it up it is kind of a stuck and the joint looks swollen compared to the other joint and I can see some type of wound and probably he's just falling over and over when it's walking. I heard that's these kind of problems could be addressed easily if they are treated soon so I'm asking for your immediate help if there is anything I can do to fix it. I'm actually living in a village and I don't have the option to take it to the vet so if it's not treatable at least can you make any recommendation to make its life easier so that it suffers less. Also one important things I examined its leg and I bent it totally like in sitting position and open it again I hear a clicking when I do it.20210504-231742.jpg20210504-231958.jpg20210504-231848.jpg20210504-231958.jpg


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Poor little chick that does look quite swollen.

Cattails is right but my chick had curled toes which I mended (after a fashion - they’re still not perfect but have never bothered her) by taping. 

I have also had one that got slipped hock tendons when he was a bit older - about 6 weeks. Unfortunately they wouldn’t go back and he ended up with both slipped so it must’ve been congenital. He couldn’t stand so sadly I had to cull him.

I can’t be sure but I’d say your chick probably does have a slipped hock tendon. You can Google methods to try to fix it but as I said none of them worked for me, and you need to be very sure that you’re right before you start manipulating because if you’re wrong and actually something is broken you could cause an awful lot of pain.

I'm sorry that’s probably not a great deal of help 😔

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I tried what was written here but when I try to straighten the need it feels hard that I am afraid to broke and when I press it a little bit harder it cries. I also don't know where the tendon is to move it with my fingers.

Do you have any suggestions?

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In my area I do not have any vets who would care for this but thanks for the suggestion. I will see if I can take him to some other city. It's 10 days old and someone told me it is too late to cure it.

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