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Second landmark for new hens.

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Hi all,


Thanks for all the advice so far.


Three weeks in and we now have some very, very happy hens. They chill out in the soft fruit bed, they've tilled and fertilised the others, they've stopped fighting(mostly), the compost is looking better for the droppings and hemcore AND TODAY they started eating from the hand. Not sure they're supposed to but it really was a landmark. They've free ranged all day today (dawn 'til dusk).


Brill addition to the garden.


I reckon they'll be about 21 weeks now so first egg may not be far away either.


Happy hens thanks to the forum


Thanks again.

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So glad you're enjoying them so much. Ours are a constant source of delight. They ask so little and give so much pleasure - not to mention fab eggs. Ours have been 'helping' me in the garden all day. No matter what we do, the try to join in. I'm currently trying to persuade the OH to agree to some more!

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Not sure mine actually 'help' in the garden as such - yesterday I raked all of the leaves on the lawn into a nice neat pile ready to throw into the recycling brown bin - Pepper had been watching me with interest.....the moment I laid down the rake to grab my first handful, she moved in and started scratching the pile of leaves all over the lawn again....... :?:lol:

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