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Leather craft

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I went on a course last year so i could make leather leads collars and belts , theres alot involved .

The tools are very expensive and leather hide is also .


Made a small collar for my Italian Greyhound on saturday and it looks fab , have also made rolled leads and collars plus a few bits and bobs , great hobby , but the Indian market has taken over the old tradesman , so trying to make a living now is almost impossible unless you can get a job with a master saddler ............ i'll get a few links but Abby and Marcus Gear are good companies to buy leather and tools from , but you'll be suprised how dear they are :anxious:


Heres ABBY




Tandy are o.k





Le prevo is a good site as there are alot of pictures




May be an idea to get a book from the libary aswell ..

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Have a look at this work , it's a master saddlers work .

His name is David May and he runs basic saddlery courses .

Have a look at the prices and it'll explain why our English saddlers can't make a living anymore as people buy the cheap and nasty Indian version all the time as it's 80% cheaper .


Probelm is quality leather is expensive to buy ..



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Craftyhoneypie , you have expensive taste 8)

Making bags is fairly difficult , see if you can get a copy or plan of how to make one .


I have a couple of hides, " one havvana and a black one , each cost £140 , the tools are expensive and you'll need to get alot , it really shocked me , but once you've got them :D

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