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Ivermectin - side effects

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For Info.
Ivermectin used to be used in dogs, but NOT in Collies as they are allergic.
Vet believes my hen is allergic - she's not an avian specialist so couldn't say if it just this specific hen or this specific breed - but I certainly won't be using it on ANY hen ever again. Lots of sites suggest using Ivermectin with no mention of possible side effects - but if you google Ivermectin and side-effects, its all there.
We're hopeful that she'll work it out of her system and make a full recovery. Fingers (and everything else) crossed.
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My cat is allergic to ivermectin too. I have to be careful I don’t have it on my fingers/hands after I’ve done the chickens. It’s very rare though.

my cat gets neurological issues, like uncontrollable muscle movement in her face.

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