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Wind resistant vegetables

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Well, 6 months in to the Balamory House, and I have a problem. We planted potatoes this year, and they seemed to be growing fantastically, until the plants got killed off one breezy day, and when we investigated the tattie tubs, we found a grand total of 5 potatoes. The wind also killed off the strawberry plants, and blew off the apple blossom before pollination, so we got no apples either. My hopes for a fruit and veg garden are quickly fading, unless anyone can suggest any wind-resistant fruit or veg that may actually grow in my gale-swept garden. I've checked with the locals, and this summer was a normal summer, with a warm force-ten gently buffeting the houses all summer long - great for drying washing, and wind turbines, not so good for plant growing. Any tips or suggestions? :)

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:lol: "the more you eat the more you ...."


Fred! - I have enough of that particular ditty from my little ones :roll:


Decent heavyweight cloches/tunnels?


The greenhouse we've just had is from a company which supply and install - they install a lot in the Highlands and Islands, particularly Shetland. It is a cross between a grrenhouse and a polytunnel - would you like details?

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Oh, yes please Lesley! I had considered planting trees and bushes to act as windbreaks, but I do love the way I can dry 4 loads of washing a day!


I forgot to mention that my garden is also slightly ( :roll: ) sloped......think Mount Everest and you'll be close to the slight incline in the back... :lol:

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